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Accessing EBSCO eBooks from Home

1) Find the eBook on the library catalogue and go to the detailed record.

2) Click 'Read me...'

3) You will get to this screen. Click Shibboleth Login - but do not enter a user ID or password.

4) Clicking Shibboleth Login brings you to this screen - to select the region, first choose UK higher education and then Activate learning.

5) Selecting Activate Learning will bring you to the usual login box. Enter your network ID and password (the same as when you log in to a PC at college). If you are logged into Google Drive, you may not need to log in again.

If you have any problems please contact your local library for assistance:

Banbury and Bicester: library-banbury@activatelearning.ac.uk 01865 551701
City of Oxford: library-oxford@activatelearning.ac.uk 01865 551961